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Environmental - Direct Image Services


Our direct image services include:

Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

MIP Qualifications:
Fisch Drilling has been performing Direct push Services for over 15 years and since 2000 direct imaging services. Fisch Environmental currently has the following capabilities:

  • Electrical conductivity (wenner probe)

  • Cone Penetration Testing w/piezo (CPTU)

  • Membrane Interface Probe w/ Conductivity (MIP/EC)

  • Membrane Interface Probe w/CPT (MIP/CPT)

Fisch Drilling employs a variety of Detectors with the MIP system, including ECD, PID, and FID. We can deploy MIP system using percussion Geoprobes or in the CPT/MIP Static push mode. All of our fieldwork can be completed with our own Geoprobe Equipment or because of our unique setup we can hookup to other direct push equipment and large cone trucks. Fisch Environmental has found the MIP to be a powerful engineering tool for site remediation. Targeting specific zones for treatment has made all the difference in time to closure. Once you see the correlated output you'll understand, MIP is like Lays potato chips you can't do just one.

Method of MIP deployment:

Static & Dynamic

Special Capabilities:


Service Area:

Western U.S., Alaska, Hawaii

Number of MIP Systems Operating:


Play Geoprobe MIP Presentation

Play Geoprobe MIP Presentation

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Special direct image capabilities include:

  • Membrane Interface Probe w/ Conductivity (MIP/EC)

  • Membrane Interface Probe w/CPT (MIP/CPT)

  • Cone Penetration Testing w/piezo (CPTU)

More Information:

CPT Probes

CPT Logging Software

Acoustic Data Transmitions

MIP CPT Sample


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