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Water Wells - Diagrams

Water wells can be drilled in two types of rock formations, consolidated and unconsolidated formations.

Consolidated Formations

In these types of wells water comes from fractures in the rock. The larger and more numerous the fractures, the larger the volume of water. These wells are generally drilled with compressed air due to the stability of rock to stay open on its own during the drilling process. In these wells water quantity estimates can be made before setting casing.

Typical Water Well Contruction for Consolidated Geologic Formation


Unconsolidated Formations

In these types of wells, water comes from a sand and/or gravel layer. These types of wells generally need to be fluid (mud) drilled due to the nature of the sand and gravel not staying open during the drilling process. These wells need to be cased to determine water quantity.

Typical Water Well Contruction for Unconsolidated Geologic Formation



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