Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. is happy to provide the following additional services:

Residential City Water Treatment:

While most city treatment takes care of bacteria issues, they do not always treat for minerals and hardness. A residential softener system installed in your home can address hardness, iron buildup, staining, odors and general household scaling. There is no slimy feel and such systems are not only known to protect your plumbing and appliances, but also improve the taste of your household water.

Rain Catchment Systems:

We have experience with both residential and larger scale rain catchment systems. This includes rain catchment from a gutter system as well as free catching arrangements. Give our office a call for additional information and to see if a rain catchment system would suit your water needs.

Pond Aeration:

The quality of your pond water matters! Pond water can not only look bad but also smell bad. Aeration increases your pond’s oxygen levels, but also provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces alkalinity
  • Restores pH
  • Removes carbon dioxide
  • Restores the balance of natural chemicals
  • Reduces algae

Well Enclosures:

Protecting your water well can sometimes become trickly depending on your well location. At Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. we offer options for ground vaults and cement enclosures to protect your investment. Ground vaults can be rated for passenger vehicles to drive over and offer a great solution to navigating better use of your property when your well location may be inconvenient.


Don’t see what you are looking for? Call us at (707) 768-9800 to discuss your project and your water needs. Always remember, if you want to know about water, ask Fisch!