Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. has water treatment operators and engineers on staff to provide the right treatment system for your specific needs. Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. has access to all types and sizes of water treatment technologies to provide the best and most cost-effective options for our customers.

When we install water treatment equipment, we handle the entire process fr om testing your water to determine your specific needs, to project development, and installation. We monitor your service requirements and send scheduled reminders so you can keep your system functioning at its highest level. Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. is happy to provide annual services for your water treatment, even if we did not install it. Our goal is to keep your water the best quality it can be!

Treatment systems can address numerous issues found in your drinking water, including but not limited to:

Softener & Sanitizer System:

Softener and sanitizer systems are water filtration options that take into account your water hardness. While a softener can address hard water issues, some softeners can also address iron and manganese problems. Sanitizer systems have the capability of handling the same issues as softeners as well as pH, trace odors, sulfur removal, and scaling. Every water source is different and Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. will review your individual water needs and recommend a system to address your water’s specific issues.


UV Technology:

Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. has a variety of ultraviolet options to address your bacteria fighting needs. This includes systems both with and without filter assistance and can be placed most anywhere in a water system. UV technology kills bacteria in your water (including water storage options) before it gets your drinking supply.


Reverse Osmosis:

Unlike other forms of water filtration, reverse osmosis systems can address multiple issues at once and are considered an all-inclusive system. Reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 98% of lead, asbestos and 82 other additional contaminants.

Water Treatment Technologies

  • Filters for clarification
  • Surface Water Treatment
  • Mineral Treatment ( Iron, Manganese, Hardness)
  • Membrane Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Softeners
  • Ultraviolet Purifiers
  • Microbiological treatment (non-chemical)
  • Microbiological Treatment (Chlorine, Ozone, Peroxide )
  • Dosing and Disinfection Systems
  • Reverse osmosis
  • SCADA Systems (supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • Numerous More Options Available

Problems Water Treatment Can Address:

  • Iron/Manganese staining
  • Sulphur odor
  • Chlorine odor
  • Cloudy water (turbidity)
  • pH imbalance
  • Microbiological issues
  • Calcium buildup
  • Taste and odor problems
  • Overall aesthetics