At Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc., we have established a reputation for providing quality results and the best service. Our commitment is to make sure we do a great job the first time around with as little disruption as possible to your property. Our years of experience and qualified crews can handle any job. We use the latest equipment and adhere to proven industry standards. You are sure to be pleased with our commitment to your long-term contentment with every job we complete.

Our Services

Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. provides services for all of your pump needs including, but not limited to, the following:

• Pump Installation & Maintenance: Whether you have a new water well that needs a pump or are looking to upgrade your existing system, Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. will size and install the proper pump to fit your water needs. Our expert crews can assess and resolve any issues you may experience with your pump system. Pump systems installed by Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. are backed by a one-year labor warranty and two to five-year equipment warranty. Our goal is your happiness, and we aim to install only the best quality and high functioning pump systems so your access to water is never a concern.


• Booster Pump: Living between the ocean and the mountains comes with varying elevation levels on most properties which may affect your water pressure and ability to get water from your well to its intended location for use. Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. can install a booster pump with the proper pressure regulated system to ensure your water is available where it is needed most.


• Water Tank/Storage: Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. can provide quality water storage to fit your storage needs. We are also happy to assist our customers with installation of their own privately purchased water tanks and incorporate them into your custom created pump system planning.


• Solar: We understand that not all properties are set up for full electrical coverage. Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to engineer a solar system to keep your water system running when off the grid.


• Pump Tests: The pumping capacity of a well is useful information when making decisions regarding use of water on your property. Fisch Drilling & Pump, Inc. can perform pump tests to determine your capacity for purposes such as purchasing a property, upgrading your existing water system, or as required by the County as part of your building project. We have extensive experience with dry weather testing and have the ability to monitor neighboring well draw down where required or even requested.